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Is INCITE Right for You?

If you are new to the INCITE program, ask yourself a few questions before you prepare and submit a proposal.

  1. Does my research project have the potential for significant science domain and/or community impact? INCITE is a highly competitive program. Each proposal undergoes a rigorous peer review as well as a computational readiness review. INCITE seeks proposals that will have a significant scientific impact!
  2. What is unique about my project that requires the Department of Energy’s Leadership Computing Facilities (LCFs)? Will my codes run on these machines? Have other investigators used my codes on LCF resources successfully? Look at the HPC resources available and understand how their architectures can benefit your project.
  3. Can I utilize other computer systems for my project? LCF resources are for projects that cannot get time anywhere else or are too large to run on other systems. INCITE projects typically utilize at least 20% of the resource or other unique aspects of the resource’s architecture.

If you have determined that your project is appropriate for LCF resources, then you are strongly encouraged to apply for a Director’s Discretionary (DD) project through the  ALCF or OLCF.

DD projects are dedicated to leadership computing preparation and application performance to maximize scientific application efficiency and productivity on leadership computing platforms. DD projects may be used for porting, tuning, and scaling your code in preparation for an INCITE submittal.

DD projects may be submitted anytime throughout the calendar year. However, if you plan on submitting an INCITE proposal, then you should apply for a DD allocation at least a few months before the submittal date to generate the necessary data needed for your proposal.

For more information, read the Call for Proposals and Instructions on the Submission Page of this website. Also, look at the Informational Webinars hosted by INCITE staff.