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Proposal Development Support

The INCITE program will help connect PIs to experts at the LCFs to consult on proposals.  The LCFs have always provided this type of service, and the INCITE program is providing an additional way to plug-in to their expertise.

Any PI interested in submitting an INCITE proposal may request the service. If you have a draft of a proposal to be read by appropriate LCF scientific staff, please include this, though it is not required.  This service will provide guidance on the process, an outside set of eyes on the (potential) proposal and how it aligns with the ‘INCITE Proposal Writing Webinar’.  The LCF experts will also provide guidance for any other services that might benefit the proposal such as additional test or benchmark runs, attending performance workshops, etc.  PIs can expect that a conference call with the LCFs will share that feedback in a timely manner.

If interested in this service, please fill out the INCITE Proposal Support Request Form.  INCITE encourages PIs to fill this out as soon as they believe they would like to use the service and not wait until the deadlines.  The later the request, the harder it can be to incorporate feedback into the proposal.  INCITE will help make appropriate connections with LCF experts on a regular basis, but there are two deadlines to consider:

  • April 24th : At this date, the call with all the details will be available.

It is strongly recommended that any PIs who do not have access to either the OLCF or the ALCF reach out for a discretionary allocation on the platform(s) of interest.  If this is done in parallel, support time can be most effective.



This opportunity does not replace the any part of the INCITE review and is not an assurance of outcome.  This is an opportunity to have a set of eyes on your proposal and receive guidance from those who know the process well.  All PIs should be aware that both the OLCF and ALCF always provide this type of consultation.  This assistance program is just highlighting a fraction of what the LCFs can do to help researchers.

Please note, this is an additional way to make a connection to the LCFs.  If you have a contact already or want to reach out directly to either LCF, you may do so.

To understand the review process better, you can review the Informational Webinars material from 2024.

For further questions, please contact [email protected].